RAC-Bangladesh starting the initial work from remote Haor, the organization is a Haor-based development organization that works with the disadvantaged community of haor basin areas of Haor basin River. RAC-Bangladesh implements its activities in two dimensions. The first one is focusing the climate Changes and livelihood development of the haor community and the second one is focusing the Humanitarian response and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Based on the community needs and organizational capacity, RAC-Bangladesh developed eight strategic approaches for effective implementation of the program and achieving the organizational goal. RAC-Bangladesh consider these strategies as guideline for implementing program activities and indicators to tracking the program achievement. At the end of the project duration, RAC-Bangladesh calculates all its program achievements based on these strategic approaches. Investing all the efforts, RAC-Bangladesh achieved considerable amount of results from the inception up to now which are addressing the strategic approaches directly and indirectly.  


Strategic Approch-1

Develop disaster resilience community combating with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Calamite Changes Adaptation (CCA):  RAC-Bangladesh works for the distressed and vulnerable community of the haor Basin. Sufferings from disasters related problems are the common phenomenon of the haor community. So all the development program are designed focusing the disaster related issues as a crosscutting in program. Effective implementation of program activities and efficient efforts of development professionals of RAC-Bangladesh brought tremendous changes the haor community during last 28 years.


Strategic Approch-2

Increasing quality education through formal and non-formal education:RAC-Bangladesh works in remote haor area where education is very difficult for the community, quality education is so far. A few schools are exist in the haor areas without having education quality and conducive learning environment. Considering the situation, RAC-Bangladesh started implementation of formal and non-formal education aiming to ensure education quality, addressing the Education in Emergency (EiE) and education safe from disaster. Access to quality education program opened the windows for the distressed and vulnerable children through establishing formal and non-formal education centers in the remotest areas.


Strategic Approch-3

Ensuring the Maternal and Child health and Nutrition (MCHN) services and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (SRHS): Disadvantaged group of people in the haor basin areas have got access to information and services that enhanced health and nutritional status. RAC-Bangladesh covered total life cycle of the targeted people for providing health services both clinical and non-clinical support of common diseases and information, measuring the nutritional status of the children and counseling the mothers for improving the  nutritional status with proving micronutrient and counseling on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (SRHS). If need any specialized services, RAC-Bangladesh refers to Upazila Health Complex (UHC) through referral linkage.

Strategic Approch-4

Develop self-reliant community through Enterpenureship development, Income Generation Activities (IGA) and employment creation:  with a view to bringing about sustainable changes in the areas of poverty alleviation and women empowerment of the Haor basin river-basin community. RAC-Bangladesh started implementing the Micro Financing Program from 1996, under the strategy a good number of development activities have been undertaken to ensure self-employment and income generation of the haor households through group development and individual entrepreneur in different sector- Agriculture, Poultry & Livestock, Weaving, Small Factories, Cooperative Business, and Small business that created employment and upgrade the level of income.


Strategic Approch-5

Reduce Social discrimination through capacity building, leadership development and creating employment opportunity of women: Social discrimination is a common phenomenon in the Haor community that mislead the community to back dimensions. Discrimination between women and men are highly visible and badly affected the process of development initiative that hampered the women empowerment. To improve the relationship and to minimize the discrimination issues between women and men. RAC-Bangladesh initiated development activities related to awareness building and generating income through creating employment opportunity for women to address the issues. 


Strategic Approch-6

Establish Effective system of participating Good Governance at Community and All Levels of the Organization: In order to workable situation and enabling environment within the organizational system and in community level in terms of planning, implementation, decision making and financial transaction. RAC-Bangladesh initiate to develop sector-wise policies & procedures, manual and strategies, and different forum and committee. These policy guidelines and forums helped RAC-Bangladesh to ensure transparency and accountability from office to the community level that reflected in active participation of the community people at all level of project designing, budgeting, and project implementation and monitoring. Conducive working environment has been created within the organization that ensured transparency and accountability at organizational level and within the community.    


Strategic Approch-7

Mobilization of Resources, Developing people-oriented opinion through social Mobilization, Policy advocacy and networking: A group of social workforce – Group leaders, Local Service Providers, Community Health Volunteers (CHV), Change Maker, Community Volunteers, resource farmers, and local resource persons have been developed that enhanced resources mobilization and strengthened linkage with financial sources and others services providers. RAC-Bangladesh gives importance the voice of community that supported to raise the voice and initiate advocacy and policy advocacy. 


Strategic Approch-8

Develop Self-reliant Community through Organizing Grassroots’ Organizations and developing institutional Capacity of the Organization: The program participants are organized into different small and large groups and initiated to bring about visible changes in the community through developing Community based Organization (CBOs), Branch Management Committee (BMC) and Core Committee.