RAC-Bangladesh want to Establish a Poverty free and Climate Resilience Society.


RAC-Bangladesh works to Enhancing the process of socio-economic development through empowering the people and building a Climate-resilience Community” where people live in dignity and social security.

Our well-being objectives

  • Increasing households capacity for reducing food insecurity and poverty for livelihood and economic development
  • Empowering the women for reducing Gender discrimination and bring Gender equality
  • Protecting women and children, specially girls from any kind of violence and reducing Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Improve health and nutritional status of Mother and Child, improve WASH facilities including hygiene promotion.
  • Improve quality Education in formal and non-formal education institute.
  • Supporting the most vulnerable families who are affected by disaster
  • Establishing a climate resilience environment in the community for adopting the climate effects
  • Increasing organizational capacity and development and improve Governance system